Stud Wall Installation
Stud Walls Installation Scarborough
Stud Walls Installation Scarborough

Quality Stud Walls Installation Service in Scarborough

Stud Walls Installation Scarborough is a quick, cost effective way to add an additional wall or partition in your house, office or business. The walls can be built to any thickness and any specification to suit the purpose. Stud walls are usually framed with steel studs or timber and lined both sides with plasterboard.

If you are thinking to add an interior wall at any height or any length, then a stud wall is the quickest and easiest way. Steel framing is the most popular application, it’s always straight and true so your walls will always be perfectly level, not warped like some traditional timber frames.

The steel framing comes in different gauges to suite an interior or structural use and it’s all galvanized steel so it will not rust away. Lightweight framing is used for non-load bearing walls, a thicker gauge steel framing is used where perimeter and load-bearing walls are needed, including framing for exterior facades or awnings. Any type of lining can be attached to the framing, ranging from plasterboard to timber or cement boards just to name a few.

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